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M / ED

Master of Education

“I haven’t had struggles that other classroom teachers have had with being able to differentiate appropriately. I have learners that are at a first- or second-grade level in a fourth-grade classroom, and I have students that are above a fourth-grade level. But because of this graduate program, I can differentiate in a way that other teachers haven’t even been exposed to yet.”
– Melissa Ramlow

Master of Education


This degree is available exclusively online! Every course involves continual online interactions with highly qualified professors and with cohort members. Some online synchronous meetings will be required. For more information, visit Trinity Online.

Where can this degree take me?

The MEd helps the classroom teacher position him/herself for professional advancement as an instructional expert who is ready to teach all learners well. The program includes coursework in differentiation, gifted, special education (LBS1) and English as a second language (ESL) and prepare educators to apply for up to two additional endorsements.

The endorsements embedded in this degree program and the degree itself include key elements that support a teacher’s skill, employability, and professional advancement. This program, unlike many other graduate degrees, is purposely designed to be practical. Every assignment asks teachers to take what they are learning, apply it in the classroom, and report the results.

What will I study?

The program is focused on grab-and-use philosophy in a convenient online format. Because of the practical nature of the courses, anyone enrolled in this program or any part of it must have access to a classroom. Optimally, students will be teachers in their own classrooms, but having classroom access will suffice.


Students who do not wish to enroll in the full Master’s Degree can elect to pursue a Learning and Behavior Specialist (LBS1) endorsement and/or an endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL) in Illinois. The courses for the LBS1 can be completed in just one semester and the ESL courses will take only one academic year to complete.

Programs are aligned with Illinois licensure requirements. Residents of other states should check their state’s licensure requirements.

  • Core Courses - 6 hrs

    ED 5001 Foundations of Integrative Thought in Education 3 hrs
    ED 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement in Education 3 hrs


  • Learning and Behavior Specialist Courses - 9 hours

    ED 5800 Characteristics and Identification of Learners with Disabilities 3 hrs
    ED 5830 Psychoeducational Assessment of Learners with Disabilities 3 hrs
    ED 5850 Methods of Teaching Learners with Disabilities 3 hrs
    Successful completion of these courses, in addition to a Special Education course that most teachers take in their undergraduate or graduate programs, will enable the licensed teacher to apply to the Illinois State Board of Education for an LBS1 endorsement.


  • English as a Second Language Courses - 18 hours

    ED 5580 Cultural Diversity in the American Classroom 3 hrs
    ED 6400 Foundations of Teaching English as a Second Language 3 hrs
    ED 6420 Linguistics for the Classroom Teacher 3 hrs
    ED 6450 Assessment of Learners who are Bilingual 3 hrs
    ED 6470 Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language 3 hrs
    ED 7410 Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language 3 hrs
    Successful completion of these courses will enable the licensed teacher to apply to the Illinois State Board of Education for an ESL endorsement.


  • Additional Required Courses - 6 hrs

    ED 5550 Differentiating Instruction for All Learners 3 hrs
    ED 6300 Differentiating Instruction for Learners who are Gifted 3 hrs