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Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Leadership

Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Leadership

Where can this degree take me?

If you want to develop your leadership abilities to wisely respond to the demands of an organization and the broader world, the Dual Degree in Leadership is the perfect degree for you.

This dual degree option pulls from a variety of different majors such as Psychology, Business, Communication, or Bible.

  • You desire to serve in a parachurch organization and want a better grasp of how you can lead people in a wise and Christ honoring way.
  • You desire to serve within an organizational structure but also want to explore the integration of your faith in your practice.
  • You plan to serve as a solo pastor or administrator and desire a greater understanding of successful operational management.
  • You are interested in social entrepreneurship and want to increase your leadership and nonprofit skills.

What courses will I take?

Designed to integrate faith into the curriculum, students also have the opportunity to apply their learning through a mentor-guided project in each course. Mentors are selected by the student and certified by the TIU faculty. This component of the program is meant to immerse the student into the leadership curriculum while providing an opportunity for contextual application in the student’s discipline or field.

Delivered in a modular format, with a summer intensive and evening courses, the MA in Nonprofit Leadership is designed for working professionals and can be completed without relocating to Deerfield, Illinois.

Successful graduates of the MA in Leadership program will:

  • Understand the domain of leadership studies including theory and ethical practice
  • Recognize the unique issues related to organizational structure
  • Formulate appropriate research design to investigate leadership questions
  • Apply communication principles to complex situations.
  • Integrate theological and biblical principles when addressing leadership situations
  • Demonstrate proficiency in interpersonal leadership skills and self-awareness
  • Discern cultural variables and respond with adaptive leadership skills
  • Employ different tools in order to manage the operational aspects of an organization

*Ask your Admissions Counselor for more information about the prerequisite courses. Some students may be able to waive or take a challenge exam.

  • Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Years

    Undergraduate Course Work:
    BI 101 Understanding the Old Testament –or–
    BI 111 Understanding the New Testament 3 hours
    BI 210 Biblical Interpretation 3 hours
    PH 180 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hours
    Other general education courses and required major courses
    Undergraduate general education requirements that will be fulfilled by graduate-level courses and need not be duplicated with undergraduate work:
    ID 5001 Foundations of Integrative Thought replaces either BI 101 or BI 111
    ID 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement replaces one course in the Religious and Ethnic Diversity subcategory
    One LR course (3 hours) replaces 3 hours of undergraduate elective credit.
    Junior Year:
    Upon completion of 70 hours with a 3.0 GPA, students must submit an application and letter of recommendation to Trinity Graduate School Admissions to be accepted to the Dual Degree Program.
    Student takes ID 5001, ID 5002.


  • Senior Year

    Summer Before Senior Year:
    Optional: Student takes modular courses in the May/July summer sessions.
    Senior Year:
    Student completes requirements for BA graduation.
    Student takes graduate courses, schedule permitting.
    —Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Degree Completed—
    Summer Following Senior Year:
    Student takes modular courses in the May/July summer sessions.
    Student takes any remaining coursework in Fall.
    Student completes coursework for MA program.
    Student completes requirements for MA graduation.
    —Master of Arts Degree Completed—