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BA / ES - MA / AT

BA in Exercise Science / MA in Athletic Training

BA in Exercise Science / MA in Athletic Training

Where can this degree take me?

Be an expert on the field. Athletic training majors share a few central qualities: a drive to perform at the highest standard, a spirit of compassion for those around them, and a desire to integrate their faith with the healing process. In partnership with Trinity College, we will provide everything you need to become an athletic trainer in five years. We will train you in injury prevention, rehabilitation, immediate care, and professional responsibility as you prepare to hit the ground running in this field.

What will I study?

Major requirements total 181 hours. This includes 39 hours in the Exercise Science core, 16 hours of Pre-Athletic Training Emphasis, and 15 hours of general electives. You will have the opportunity to practice your skills on the field with any of our various university sports teams, including football, men and women’s soccer or basketball, and more. Interesting courses you will take include: Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise, Introduction to Bioethics, and Physiology of Exercise.

Course descriptions for undergraduate courses are listed in the Trinity College Catalog. Course descriptions for graduate courses are listed in the Trinity Graduate School Catalog. Students are expected to consult with their undergraduate and graduate advisors to make individual adjustments to the curricular plan as necessary.

Learn More

For full information on this program, visit the dual degree page on the Trinity College website.

  • Health Science Courses - 62 hours

    HS 5001 Foundations for Integrative Thought in Health Sciences 3 hours
    HS 5002 Foundations for Cultural Engagement in Health Sciences 3 hours
    HS 5111 Athletic Training Clinical I 1 hour
    HS 5112 Athletic Training Clinical II 2 hours
    HS 5168 Prevention and Care of Emergent and Musculoskeletal Injuries and Illnesses 3 hours
    HS 5202 Nutritional Considerations in Healthcare 3 hours
    HS 5261 Clinical Examination and Diagnosis I – Lower Extremity 3 hours
    HS 5262 Clinical Examination and Diagnosis II – Upper Extremity 3 hours
    HS 5263 Clinical Examination and Diagnosis III – Head, Spine, and Pelvis 3 hours
    HS 5271 Therapeutic Interventions I – Lower Extremity 2 hours
    HS 5272 Therapeutic Interventions II – Upper Extremity 2 hours
    HS 5273 Therapeutic Interventions III – Head, Spine, and Pelvis 2 hours
    HS 5311 Athletic Training Clinical III 2 hours
    HS 5312 Athletic Training Clinical IV 2 hours
    HS 5410 Athletic Training Seminar 1 6 hours
    HS 6285 Statistics and Research in Healthcare 3 hours
    HS 6401 Pharmacology and Ergogenic Aids 3 hours
    HS 6430 General Medical Conditions 3 hours
    HS 6450 Leadership and Professional Development in Healthcare 3 hours
    HS 6456 Healthcare Administration 3 hours
    HS 6470 Psychosocial Aspects and Behavioral Change 3 hours
    HS 6511 Athletic Training Clinical Capstone I 2 hours
    HS 6512 Athletic Training Clinical Capstone II 2 hours


  • Biology Courses - 7 hours

    BIO 5340 Gross Anatomy 4 hours
    BIO 6340 Pathophysiology 3 hours


  • Bioethics Courses - 6 hours

    BE 5100 Intensive Bioethics Institute 3 hours
    BE 5299 The Clinical Context 1 hour
    BE 5300 Clinical Issues in Bioethics 2 hours


Required Fees

Students are required to pay a one-time athletic training program learning management system access fee of $90, and a one-time background check fee of $35.