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Adult BA in Psychology / MA in Counseling Psychology

Adult BA in Psychology / MA in Counseling Psychology

Adult Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

The Trinity College Excel Program and Trinity Graduate School (TGS) offer a dual degree Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology option at our Florida Regional Center that allows students to take graduate coursework toward the MA in Counseling Psychology while completing their BA in Psychology. With this accelerated option, students can apply to the MA/CP program at TGS while still completing an undergraduate degree through Excel. Interested students are advised to discuss the program with their advisor as early as possible to allow for expedient course planning and to assure that overlapping course requirements can be planned and scheduled.

Students may apply for the dual degree program upon completion of 70 credit hours with a 3.0 cumulative GPA. A positive recommendation from a TIU instructor capable of assessing their suitability for graduate work is required. This instructor must have had substantial interaction with the student, per the final approval of Excel’s Director of Academic Operations. Transfer students may apply for the program if they have 70 hours of undergraduate course work, a positive recommendation from a psychology instructor, and a 3.0 GPA for all transferred college work, including a 3.0 GPA in Trinity coursework.

Approved students will take nine (graduate) credits in the MA/CP, which, upon completion of those nine credits, will reduce the number of (undergraduate) credits required to complete a bachelor’s degree from 124 to 115. This can be accomplished in one or more of the following ways:

  1. ID 5001 Foundations of Integrative Thought (3 hours) replaces either BI 101 or BI 111 in the general education category Biblical Studies.
  2. ID 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement (3 hours) replaces the general education requirement in the category Intercultural Study.
  3.  One graduate CP course (3 hours) replaces 3 hours of undergraduate elective credit.

Or, if a student does not take ID 5001 and/or ID 5002 as an undergraduate, one or two additional CP courses (3 or 6 credits) replace an additional 3 or 6 hours of undergraduate elective credit.

Thus on completion of the undergraduate degree, students will be approximately a full semester ahead as they continue graduate studies in the MA/CP program.