Tuition & Fees

If you are admitted to Trinity Graduate School, domestic applicants must submit a tuition deposit of $125.00 payable to “Trinity International University” to the Graduate School Admissions Office as a confirmation of your acceptance of our offer of admission. This deposit is refundable if the Admissions Office receives written notice of cancellation at least thirty days prior to your anticipated date of enrollment.

International applicants entering the United States on an F-1 or J-1 visa and planning to attend Trinity’s Deerfield Campus in a full-time residential status must submit a tuition deposit of US $2,000 to the Admissions Office as confirmation of your acceptance of our offer of admission before an I-20 can be issued. This deposit will be saved in your student account and can be used toward your tuition and fees. If you decide to not attend Trinity, this deposit will be refunded to you. 

2015-2016 TEDS and TGS Tuition & Costs Breakdown

Deerfield Campusper hour
Tuition $635
Comprehensive FeePer Semester
Full-time $100
Part-time $50
Audit FeesPer Hour
Masters (part-time students) $75

Direct Costs for MA/T and MEd Programs

Deerfield Campusper hour
MA/T Tuition $520
MEd Tuition $415

Indirect Costs (Per Semester)

For us to determine your financial need, we are allowed to include the following expenses in your cost of attendance. These expenses are not charged to your Trinity student account; however, they are expenses you should consider.

Living Expenses $5,700
Books and Supplies $600
Transportation $770
Personal Expenses $800

While the indirect costs above are those we are allowed to use for determining financial need, the estimated expenses for any individual student will vary based on a number of factors.