Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership

Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership

The MA in Nonprofit Leadership (MA/NPL) equips students to lead adaptively to the challenges of the nonprofit organization.

Designed to integrate faith into the curriculum, students also have the opportunity to apply their learning through a mentor-guided project in each course. Mentors are selected by the student and certified by the TIU faculty. This component of the program is meant to immerse the student into the leadership curriculum while providing an opportunity for contextual application in the student’s discipline or field. 

What courses will I take?

Successful graduates of the MA in Nonprofit Leadership program will:

  • Understand the domain of leadership studies including theory and ethical practice
  • Recognize the unique issues related to nonprofit organizational structure
  • Formulate appropriate research design to investigate leadership questions
  • Apply communication principles to complex situations.
  •  Integrate theological and biblical principles when addressing leadership situations
  • Demonstrate proficiency in interpersonal leadership skills and self-awareness
  • Discern cultural variables and respond with adaptive leadership skills
  • Employ different tools in order to manage the operational aspects of a nonprofit organization
Course IDCourse TitleCredit Hours
Core Graduate School Courses (6 hours)
LR 5001 Foundations of Integrative Thought in Nonprofit Leadership 3 hrs
LR 5002 Foundations of Cultural Engagement in Nonprofit Leadership 3 hrs
Leadership Studies Courses (9 hrs)
LR 5050 Foundations of Leadership Theory & Practice 3 hrs
LR 6710 Followership 2 hrs
LR 5430 Change & Conflict Management 2 hrs
LR 6130 Leadership Research 2 hrs
Culture and Communication Courses (6 hrs)
LR 6810 Social & Cultural Understanding for Leadership 3 hrs
LR 6350 Contextualization & Communication 3 hrs
Nonprofit Management Courses (9 hrs)
LR 6920 Nonprofit Human Resources 3 hrs
LR 6940 Nonprofit Operations Management 3 hrs
LR 6960 Nonprofit Organizational Dynamics 3 hrs
Electives (6 hrs)
Students choose 6 hours from Graduate or Divinity school courses relevant to their leadership development. Students should consult with an academic advisor in planning their individual programs of study.
Capstone Course: (4 hr)
LR 7468 Leadership Capstone Literature Review 1 hr
Choose one:
LR 7478 Leadership Capstone Project 3 hrs
LR 7478 Leadership Thesis 3 hrs
Total 40 hours